Dental profession often receives a bad rap, what with dental offices filled with drills, bibs, needles, and staff members hidden behind their masks. However, amidst those props that look like they belong in horror flicks, dentists in Tijuana are actually looking after your oral health. As you know, the condition of your oral health has a direct impact on your wellbeing as a whole. 

If you ever wonder what really happens behind the scenes, it is time to unveil the best-kept secrets of your dentist. 

Your Dentist Can’t See You at all 

There is a good reason why your dentist has an assistant close at hand during procedures aside from just handing over instruments. Dentists are wearing a loupe that can magnify a tooth 2.5 times. This means that they cannot see their patient’s facial expressions. Their assistant can watch out for body language or grimacing that can mean discomfort. 

Your Dentist Asks You Questions Even When You Can’t Talk for a Good Reason 

Dentists in Tijuana still try to talk to their patients even after they anesthetize the mouth and stuff it with cotton. This is because it is their way of distracting the patient. Otherwise, you will focus on even the smallest prod or poke while constantly worrying that your dentist will find something wrong. Don’t worry because dentists are also adept in understanding muffled speech. Amazing, right?

Some People are Trickier to Numb Up

Does your dentist have trouble in trying to get you comfortable? This can be a dietary concern. The usual local anesthetic that your doctor uses for numbing your mouth before a dental process is fat-soluble. When the patient has too much fatty tissue, chances are it will soak up the injected solution way before it reaches the nerves in the mouth.

Dentists Can Suffer from Major Neck and Back Problems 

Even amidst the anxiety, patients are still lucky to recline in ergonomically friendly and expensive chairs while receiving dental treatments. On the other hand, dentists have a completely different story. Their day is spent hunched over their patients in the most uncomfortable positions possible. This makes them more prone to shoulder and neck pain. 

Dentists Appreciate It If You Don’t Pull Out Your Teeth on Your Own 

Due to their fear of intoxication or treatment, there are a lot of people who choose to deal with their throbbing molars on their own. Of course, this isn’t a wise idea at all. Teeth extraction isn’t as simple as it looks and doing it the wrong way can lead to a broken tooth with roots stuck in the gums. As a result, you will suffer from more pain than before, and it will also take more time for your dentist to take it out. 

The Profession is a Hard and Expensive One 

If you think that not a lot of people would want to have their hands covered with saliva throughout the day, you better think again. In fact, dentistry is an extremely competitive industry. There are thousands of applicants for a limited number of slots. Dentists need to spend a lot just to perfect their practice and deliver quality results to their patients. 

A Good Dentist is There for You Round the Clock 

Everyone in the 21st century is busy with their schedules. Who has the luxury of time to visit their dentist on a normal workday? The best dentist in Tijuana will try to keep up with your schedule by keeping hours that work for you. It could be before or after office hours. Whatever it is, your dentist understands and knows your lifestyle and works around it when providing the dental assistance you need.