As businesses expand into other national markets, it is only natural to see an increase in the number of plants, offices, and facilities that open in foreign countries. Whether companies do this as a way to cut their expenses, or so they can be closer to new target foreign audiences, global business operations and relations are growing at a faster pace than ever before.

If your organization needs translation services from a multilingual translation agency that can work on translating internal materials or help translate marketing messaging for retail advertising purposes (or anything in between), this article will help company leaders identify the best translation services provider that can help them achieve their goals.

  1. Constant Availability with Your Translation Services Provider is a Must

Your internal projects don’t run according to a clock, nor should the availability of your translation services provider. The fact of the matter is that discoveries are made all the time that require changes to content and therefore to translation services. This is why your multilingual translation agency should be available 24/7, seven days a week. It is imperative that changes be made on the spot, so whether it’s 11AM on a Wednesday, or 11PM on a Saturday, your translation services team should be responsive and ready to work with your team at any given time.

  1. Who is Leading the Translation Services Team?

One thing you certainly want to investigate is the team who will be performing your translation services, and mainly who the project manager is. All team members should, of course, be qualified. But when it comes to the project manager, this person should be a true certified translator, be fluent in the target language (a native speaker is a bonus) and have vast experience working on projects for multiple industries.

  1. Technology

Your translation services provider should have access to the latest in translation tool software and technology. Some of these tools will integrate with your organization’s CRM for easy access to documents and materials. Then there are computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools–software types that facilitate the translation process by improving efficiency and accuracy. These are also important tools because they help reduce cost by cutting back on time and manpower. CAT tools are also customized for each client, so when speaking to your translation services provider, be sure to ask how their CAT tools are configured to the language commonly used in your industry.

  1. Industries Served

Don’t simply looks for translation services that cater to your specific industry. You may be tempted to think they are your best fit because they focus on your field, but in truth this demonstrates their limitations. When translation services are offered by an agency that caters to all the major industries like legal, health care, energy & power, manufacturing, finance, consumer products, and many more, they demonstrate their ability to service any client by providing advanced strategic translation services in any sector, for any audience, and not just a single entity.

If you want to find a translation services provider that can help you hit your growth goals with dedicated teams who have all the necessary certifications and access to the latest technology, follow these tips in your search and you will find your ideal partner.