There can be many reasons why a company is looking to hire new staff; it can be because of an employee leaving, to cover the work of an absent person, the introduction of a new area within the organization, or many other things. Selecting the ideal candidate for a given position can be a rather complicated task and a rather tricky process as it is to choose one person from among many who have attended the job interview.

Why is it important to find the ideal person?

The answer is simple. If you hire someone who can adapt to the way the team works, he or she can contribute to the success of the organization. Otherwise, if the individual cannot adapt to the way he or she works or does not feel like he or she is in the work environment, this can be a big problem for the company because productivity levels will decrease. For example, if a person wants to work for a holistic dentist Tijuana, it will be necessary to know the experience that the applicant has. 

People’s experience, knowledge, and skills significantly influence productivity and the quality of customer service. That’s why it’s so important to find the right people.


First, the characteristics of the position must be defined to know what we want to cover with the offer. The more detailed the situation is, the easier it will be to classify and determine the area. To do this, we specify the position, the functions and tasks to be performed, the skills and abilities sought, notify about the instruments the company uses and indicate the working hours. This is followed by the points that are always taken into account when selecting a person:

  • Academic level
  • Skills
  • Previous experiences
  • Preferred age

Once this type of information is completed, you must specify whether the recruitment is internal or external. If the recruitment is internal, you can apply for a person from the area to rotate positions; this does not necessarily involve increasing the balance. At the external level, different channels can be used to let the general public know about the job offer. For the pre-selection, all the profiles that applied to join the company should be analyzed to discard those that do not meet the specifications.

Once the profiles have been selected, a personal interview is held to get to know the person a little better. At this stage, the people in charge of selection will ask the necessary questions to assess suitability. With this type of process, it is possible to obtain more information about the person. 

Once the interview is over, it will be time to make the decision and select the candidate who meets the requirements. It is essential that after the selection process, the person is followed up to know if his/her communication and interaction with the other members is useful because each member must be part of the growth of the company. Therefore, it is essential that the candidate can not only contribute to the company but can also get along with the team he is joining to participate in an enjoyable work environment.