Does a certain margin of your brand;s growth hinge on retail shelf sales? Are you facing a number of challenges in hitting your revenue goals, let alone stay competitive in a sea of other brands who want to take you down and position themselves as the industry leader? Most companies have already entered their second quarter by now, and if you find yourself already struggling to keep your head above water, you may want to contact the best product packaging companies for retail brands to help your game plan and turn sales around. This article is intended to help organizations discover how professional packaging printing companies can improve their sales and ensure year-over-year business growth.

Retail Packaging that Captures Buyer’s Attention

Multiple studies prove that it takes less than three seconds for a product’s packaging to capture a shopper’s attention when strolling an aisle in a retail store. When companies partner with the best product packaging companies a great degree of market research, buyer persona development, and competitor research goes into creating a product packaging design for retail goods designed to stand out on the shelf, turn heads, and result in sales. Any top product packaging company will be able to collaborate with your internal team to create a retail box design that catches one’s eye as the stroll the big box stores, and when you can capture a shopper’s attention, sales will increase.

Custom Retail Boxes and Options

When looking for the best product packaging companies, one sure way to tell you have found a partner that can help you grow is to find one that offers a plethora of retail box types. Whether you need rigid boxes for luxury items, litholam corrugate for heavy-duty retail goods, or folding cartons with popping graphics, you need product packaging companies that offer a wide variety of solutions for all your retail product needs.

In addition to finding a product packaging company with several printing packaging options to choose from, you also want to find one that offers custom boxes for retail products. Engineering custom boxes for retail goods needs is a demanding service not all packaging printing companies offer. So find one that offers this service. You will want to interview the retail box company to see learn what factors go into a custom box. Good product packaging companies should consider elements of the product you may want visible to the shopper when scanning the shelves, while the rest of the packaging may need to be sturdy enough and properly engineered to protect the merchandise from damage. Make sure the product packaging companies drop test every custom box to help ensure the highest quality.

Contact a product packaging company today and discover how their team can work with yours to ensure year-over-year growth with the help of innovative retail box design.