he Google Maps service has greatly changed the information provided by hotels regarding their location. This tool has become a strong ally since people no longer need to be asking on every street corner where the hotel is located. Now, it’s just a matter of if an individual is looking for Puerto Peñasco hotels Mexico type it into the search engine and get the location of those closest to them.

Hotel companies must understand the impact this tool has had since the use of effective marketing strategies will help the hotel to position itself within the search engine. This type of application places a lot of emphasis on the reviews that consumers have left, as well as on the photos that they have taken inside the hotel facilities. This helps people learn more about what the hotel looks like. Likewise, this allows future clients to feel more comfortable since the photos and reviews are of people who have already been inside the hotel.

For a hotel to appear in the first results, it is necessary to have a local SEO strategy, which is more focused on fixed establishments such as the hotel industry. However, there needs to be a proper understanding that, depending on the location, Google will return data about hotels that are close to the person’s position.

Things to consider

Since one of the elements that cannot be controlled is location, the marketing manager handling the company’s account must pay more attention to those elements that can be controlled and managed.

Google my Business

For the hotel to appear on the Google map, it is necessary to have this Google tool, mainly because that is where the company data will be provided. Once the account has been obtained, the hotel will appear within Google Maps, but not within the first options offered by the search engine.


The hotel must be registered within the directories that are found in search engines, mainly so that when people search about the hotel, they can go to these directories and provide them with the necessary data. But to know which are the directories, it is required that an analysis of the competition is made to determine in which they are. In this way, you will be competing directly with them.


One of the elements that help a hotel to be positioned within the first results of Google Maps is the reviews and mentions. The better reviews there are about the company, the better positioned it is. To get positive reviews, the hotel can call on its guests to give an opinion about their stay. They can also add images that are pro-hotel. The use of keywords can be added within the consumer reviews. This way, when a person searches for a hotel but uses the keyword, the company can appear within the options.

Link Building

The links that the website has played a significant role in Google Maps, so it is always recommended that these are short and carry the name of the company and that it is the same as the one provided within the Google my business tab.