So you are ready to start a food truck business! Congratulations; you are about to enter a fast-growing field that resonates with trends and cultural identities that show no sign of dying down within a service that has been booming for more than a decade. But does this mean you will be one of the fortunate ones that can turn a six figure salary and delight your customers?

Last year, more than 80 percent of new food truck businesses failed in their first year, so when you buy a food truck, make sure you know what you are doing. Really, this means you should buy a food truck from a reputable builder who knows your market, and can guide you through the design process to create something that will facilitate your growth. This article will help eager young business owners with the dream to be their own boss make the right decisions when they go to buy a food truck.

But a Food Truck that’s New or Used?

When you do buy a food truck you may be tempted to pick up a used one because the sticker price is thousands less. But the reality is that the unknowns can cause you to bleed out thousands over the year in repair bills. In fact, the main reason why food truck businesses failed last year was because people bought used food trucks and spend ongoing thousands in repairs. Not only was having to overhaul the engine and repair all the equipment a total loss, but simply being off the street and away from customers caused a severe hit to business all over the country that people never recovered from because their customers found their competitors. Then many had inventory spoilage from being out of commission.

Used food trucks are simply not predictable when it comes to how they support growing businesses, and you owe it to your future to buy a food truck from a company that can customize a new one to fit your current needs, and that allows you to grow towards achieving your goals.

Buy a Food Truck that is Custom to Your Business

Having a food truck platform that will support your current staff, equipment, and have the needed prep space will allow you to move product out quickly when lines form around the corner for your craft burgers and amazing dishes. Your food truck company should design the platform to serve current needs, but to also allow room for growth in the years to come. Naturally, as you grow, you will want to hire on a few additional people and install some new equipment to offer a more extensive menu. Make sure when you buy a food truck the food truck builder takes this into account.

Buy a Food Truck with an Amazing Design that Reflects Your Brand and Customers

Make sure that when you buy a food truck it is painted or a vinyl wrap is used to showcase an exterior that resonates with your target customers and that reflects your brand. Your food truck company will be able to offer a number of suggestions, collaborate with you on a design that your customers will love, as well as one that will keep you competitive and catching the attention of hungry eaters! Call the best food truck companies today, and see what level of care they provide in helping you buy a food truck!