Something that is totally unavoidable for anyone in the world is to grow old. The cycle of life works like this, first, you are born, then you are a child, then you are a young man, you grow and you become an adult and then an old man. Many people say that being an elder is like being a child again because you lose all the faculties of being able to do things for yourself. An older person does not have the capacity to carry out many activities on their own, such as feeding, grooming, and others, depending on how advanced their age is.

When we are babies and children we are unable to do many things, however, we are not aware of it. As we grow we become young men and then adults, at that stage we feel that we can do everything, or rather we can, we are capable of supporting ourselves and we can carry out our activities without needing help, unlike when we were kids. But as life has to keep moving forward, we reach the next stage, the elderly, at this stage, unfortunately, we lose the ability to carry out many activities on our own and once again we need the help of other people to carry them out.

Some of the things that change when people get older are:

Impossibility of feeding themselves

Older adults find it harder to eat after a certain age and this is due to many factors. For example, an elderly person needs to eat a balanced diet and eat only certain types of food, he can no longer eat anything because his body no longer receives food in the same way. Another thing that does not allow the elderly to feed themselves properly is the loss of teeth, usually, when people reach a certain age their teeth begin to lose strength due to poor hygiene or simply genetic, this can also cause that the teeth fall. Either of the two causes it to be very difficult and almost impossible for a person to feed himself in the proper way.

Also with the pass of time, people begin to lose strength and this happens in all areas of the body, so in addition to having difficulty chewing food, they also begin to have them to swallow it. This causes food to get stuck in the throat, and the person can start drooling. In addition to the loss of strength in the body and other factors to the elderly is very difficult to get food for themselves, going to buy the things and cook become difficult tasks. For these reasons, an older person needs to be assisted by someone who can help her perform all these tasks.

Impossibility to clean and dress themselves

For the elderly, it is very difficult to take care of very simple things such as take a bath and dress, as time passes the body loses strength and begins to become weak, which hinders simple movement as those necessary to take a bath, brush the teeth, change the clothes, etc. Because for the elderly take a bath and put on their clothes is a very difficult task, it is very common that if that person is not receiving the proper care from someone else who can help him to perform those tasks begin to neglect their hygiene, without bathing or even changing their clothes for many days, which causes an unpleasant odor.

This does not mean that they are people with poor hygiene  or that they do not like to clean themselves, simply doing it is very difficult for them, that’s why it is necessary that an older person always receives attention from another person who can help her perform all of those tasks and in this way can always stay healthy.

Alterations in vision

As time goes by, people begin to have difficulties with their eyes, which is why when we see an older person, they almost always have glasses, because the view gets tired and to see something clearly gets harder.

The inability to see well, makes impossible many tasks, such as those mentioned above, eating, dressing, bathing can be in difficulty because of poor vision. In fact, any task that needs to be done, even the simplest like walking to a certain place or something like that can be very difficult for a person who does not have a good vision, because it puts their life in danger.

Problems in the strength, control, and mobility of the arms and legs

One of the main causes of the difficulties in older people is the loss of strength and mobility in the extremities, because things that seemed easy before, such as walking or carrying something, become very difficult tasks to perform, that tire and weaken them. So they need someone to help them to go to certain places, to carry things or to do the things mentioned above.So as already mentioned, it is always necessary for an older person to receive the appropriate care so that he can maintain good health, for this reason it is highly recommended that family members, friends or even the same elderly person look for assisted living in México, where professional people can take care of all the things mentioned above in the right way without putting the life or health of the elderly at risk and without having to worry because the costs are too high.