When an Assisted Living Rosarito wants to hire people to be part of the care of older adults, it is necessary that those in charge of evaluating the candidates, which usually is the human resources department, not only focus on the experience that the individuals have, but that they always take into account the values and ethics that the person who wants to be part of the residence has. This is because it is useless for the professional to have good skills if there is no correct formation concerning values, especially when it comes to interacting with people who may have some illness due to age. It is well said that an individual cannot be an excellent professional if they do not have these two fundamental elements.

It should be taken into account that it is necessary to have motivation, skills, and knowledge regarding the care of the elderly; the essential principles must exist, which will guide the person in terms of their actions and decisions in their activities.

 It has been observed that those individuals who do not possess these kinds of principles do not bring anything to the nursing home since they can only focus on their personal and professional growth and not on a general growth that also benefits those who are caring for the person and the nursing home itself.

To correctly evaluate the candidates, it is necessary to take enough time to analyze in detail the people interested in the position(s); therefore, the place must develop different filters where it is possible to evaluate in a determined way each one of the candidates who come to the nursing home or the residence.

Why should interviews focus on values and ethics be conducted?

As already mentioned, values and ethics are essential principles that the nursing home needs to know. Knowing these elements, the space that provides the care service to the elderly can make a better idea about the commitment that the person may have about what they do inside. So it will be necessary to do a complete interview that offers the opportunity to know the abilities, ethics, and professional values.

At the time of the interview, the values associated with the person’s conduct should be evaluated since the objective of this type of interview is to ensure that the values of the individual are in line with those of the nursing home, as well as the ethics that make up the candidate.

To have a complete interview, various filters must be carried out, which can go through knowing the needed competencies and then the values. In this way, it will be possible to analyze which principles they possess and which they do not.

For a correct evaluation, the company must know how to differentiate between competence and the values since these two terms can be confusing. Values are those in which a level cannot be established. Still, in matters of the competencies that the person possesses, the level can be evaluated.

The fact that the person does not have values similar to the residence principles can cause that the growth is not taken in the correct form because more than growing, it can cause problems in the future. Mainly because when values and ethics are not directed to the workspace, it can cause low productivity, lousy work climate, demotivation, inadequate treatment of other employees and residents, among other things. That is why it is so essential for nursing homes to look for people who have elements of value and ethics that are appropriate for the treatment of older adults.