The pandemic through which all countries are crossing has modified how people develop, interact and carry out their daily activities, mainly because in many places of the world they opted for social distancing and for a quarantine which will last depending on the degree of contagion found in the country or the cities.

This decision has significantly damaged several shops and clinics, which depended on the daily traffic of people to achieve sales. Although today the confinement is gradually being lifted, the truth is that nothing will be like before, especially in terms of health and safety.

In this article, we will mention some of the measures that have been taken around the world in matters of health and safety, especially in spaces such as clinics or hospitals. Therefore, before going to an appointment of dental implants Tijuana or a doctor’s visit, it is essential to know the protocols so that the specialist can attend to people. Otherwise, you will choose not to participate in the patient.

  1. All the staff that works inside the clinic must pass the COVID-19 tests; in case an employee is positive, it will be chosen to quarantine. All those inside the clinic must be tested periodically. Remember that many people have no symptoms.
  2. To provide patients with more safety, all workers should be provided with the necessary protection, i.e., gloves, special masks, disinfected gowns and shoes, masks, and security on screens and devices. As well as the sterilization of all material and workspaces.
  3. To keep the air in optimal conditions, it is recommended that clinics make use of air purifiers, allowing the environment to be clean.
  4. It is recommended that all spaces be thoroughly disinfected at least twice a week. This does not mean that the rest of the days are not sanitized, no, every day, this process should be present, only that they should leave specific days for the cleaning to be more in-depth and more detailed.
  5. Visits should not be scheduled as before, especially since there should not be an accumulation of people within a small space; it is always recommended that there is distance.
  6. Therefore, it is possible to opt for staggering appointments so that there are not too many people inside.

In terms of what patients should follow, full attention must be given to the following:

  1. The patient must follow all the safety protocols stipulated by the clinics, especially in the use of masks and, often, gloves.
  2. Patients should come unaccompanied and should be punctual, mainly so that there is respect for social distancing. If the person is a minor or an older adult, they should only be accompanied by one person.
  3. It is recommended to opt for card payments and not to exceed the space between the reception and the patient. To avoid this, many clinics have chosen to implement screens or acrylics around the entire reception area, thus avoiding contact with people.
  4. Once the patient enters the clinic, it is necessary to immediately go to the place where the antibacterial gel is located to sanitize his hands. In many spaces, they also choose to use shoe covers. Temperature should be taken, and if symptoms occur, the person should leave.

These are some protocols that are being implemented globally, especially when the distance is being lifted. These guidelines must always be followed; otherwise, the authorities will choose to close the clinic.