Something essential for life and yet it goes unnoticed by many people for a large part of their lives, if not for all these are the rights that they have as workers, both for an employee and for an employer it is essential to know these rights, because only in this way the employee can assert what to do and avoid being exploited and the employer can provide the worker with everything You need and by law deserve and thus avoid future problems such as lawsuits and some other situations that could harm the image of your company and at the same time cost you large amounts of money. 

The rights of a worker are taught vaguely in school, regularly in high school, and some degrees usually mention them, however there is no comprehensive education that can help people know what their rights as workers are and how to do them. assert, that is why today thousands and thousands of workers are exploited, because in reality they do not know their rights and therefore do not know how to assert them, this ends up affecting not only the employees, but the same companies that hire them They are also harmed, because when a worker is not totally comfortable with what he is doing, his performance drops considerably and therefore productivity is diminished, in addition to the fact that there is a lot of staff turnover, it is impossible for the company keeping your employees for a long time and each new hiring involves a new expense, while employees who continue working do not They can reach their maximum performance because they are not completely satisfied with the conditions under which they are working and with how their rights (although in many cases they do not know it) are not being respected. 

Something that is not being respected much today is the fact that a worker has insurance, since for many employers this is usually a very high expense, in which it is not worth investing, however this is totally essential for a worker, in the event of any accident and also so that after years the workers, when they are older, can count on their pension and if they cannot take care of themselves or their family is unable to do so, they can go to a place where they offer assisted living service Rosarito. Also for any type of complication that may presently present as a problem with your teeth, in which you have the need to go to a dentist in Tijuana or to a doctor for any health complication.

In addition to insurance, employees have the right to vacations, bonuses, not to be discriminated against, to have their working hours respected, and in the case of working overtime, they should be paid as they should. Public holidays and non-working days must also be respected, and if this is not the case, you must pay double or triple according to the law.

Respect for these rights is essential on the part of the employer and enforcing them is very important on the part of the employee, because only in this way will he feel comfortable at work and will be compensated for what he really is worth.