Due to the COVID-19 many services have been damaged, which has been a very hard blow for almost everyone and especially for the economy of many countries, they are currently looking for a return to normality and above all a revival to the economy that allows many people to return to their jobs and especially looking for the generation of jobs in the country, are difficult times, there is a lot of mistrust on the part of people to buy products and services, they need to have complete assurance that They can trust businesses to be able to acquire the services they need and that they will have all the hygiene measures to avoid contagions. 

A fairly common type of business that has not stopped so much is the transportation business of both merchandise and people, in a matter of merchandise because people continue to buy only now they do it online, the medium is different but there is still a sales flow , and now in fact more transport is needed because the merchandise is taken directly to the homes of the people who buy them and not to the stores or markets where people can buy them personally. 

Also the transport of people is extremely essential at the present time, especially that of private personal services, since people are turning more to these to avoid contagions in public places as part of these includes the public transport service. However, so that people can trust that the services they are acquiring are taking the necessary measures to avoid contagions and what these measures are, you could be asking yourself, well then we tell you. 

  • Cleaning and disinfection after each trip 
  • Offer antibacterial gel to all customers who board 
  • Use face masks and gloves as drivers to provide greater safety to passengers.
  • In the case of transporting merchandise, in addition to all these measures, it is also necessary to disinfect the products and some revision protocols in order to carry out a better disinfection. 

Taking all these measures is essential, as well as the distance required to avoid infections and stay healthy and in turn keep the economy active, because in addition to health problems, people are also reactivating the economy, so if this The best thing we can do is to follow the necessary hygiene measures in order to avoid future problems. These measures need to be taken by both private and public transportation services, as well as transportation services such as uber or different businesses that are dedicated to offering car services, just like health services like a mommy makeover in Tijuana or any other kind of procedure.

Keeping businesses afloat today is one of the tasks more indispensable than there may be, for this reason it is really necessary that companies and businesses dedicate a large part of their time and resources to provide the necessary hygiene measures, especially in the types of businesses that handle food or are in charge of transporting products or people, these are key, since they could become a source of viruses if the necessary measures are not carried out.